Admission into Year 7 in September 2018

Kendrick School is part of a group of Grammar Schools who will be using a common admissions test on Saturday 16th September 2017 for the September 2018 Year 7 intake.  This group includes Kendrick School (girls), Reading School (boys) and the group of four Grammar Schools in Slough – Herschel Grammar School (mixed), Langley Grammar School (mixed), St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School (mixed) and Upton Court Grammar School (mixed)).  In addition there are other schools in the wider geographical area who will be using the same test on the same day.

Results of the Admission Tests for Entry into Year 7 in September 2018

The results for the Kendrick School admission tests for entry into Year 7 in September 2018 are now ready to view online.

You will need the Unique Identifier which you were given when you registered your daughter for the admission tests for Kendrick School and her surname. If you do not have your Unique Identifier, please email using the same email address you registered your daughter for the test with, and include her full name, date of birth, primary school and full home address.

Please click below to access the results.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below before contacting the school with any queries.

Results of the Admission Tests for Entry into Year 7 in September 2018 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admission Policy

Kendrick School Admission Policy Year 7 for 2018 entry (final and published)

Registering for the Admission Tests

Online registration for the test will opened on Monday 1st May 2017 and closed on Tuesday 20th June 2017. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Test Day Arrangements

If your daughter is sitting the admission tests at Kendrick School you will now have received an email confirming timings and the arrangements for the day.

Kendrick School – Admission Test Day Arrangements for Saturday 16th September 2017 – MORNING SESSION

Kendrick School – Admission Test Day Arrangements for Saturday 16th September 2017 – AFTERNOON SESSION

Familiarisation Booklet

Please note that the Familiarisation Booklet is NOT definitive and the inclusion of any question types does not guarantee that they will be found in the final assessment.

Kendrick School Familiarisation Booklet – 2018 Entry

Sharing of Scores

Where applicants wish to considered for more than one school in the Consortium, the raw marks will be shared with the other schools for inclusion in the appropriate standardisation process. If you are applying for more than one school, you MUST register with EACH school, according to their admission policy.  Your daughter’s score can only be shared with those schools for which they are registered. Scores cannot be retrospectively shared after the standardisation process has taken place.

This means that if you wish your daughter to sit the test at Kendrick School and share her raw score with the Slough Consortium you MUST register an application with them on their online admission form but indicate she is sitting the test at Kendrick School. Likewise, if you wish your daughter to sit the test at one of the Slough Consortium schools, you must complete the Kendrick School online registration form but indicate she is sitting the test at the Slough Consortium.

Designated Area

Kendrick School operates a “designated area” as part of its oversubscription criteria.

Places will be offered to applicants who are ranked high enough according to the entrance test scores and who reside within the designated area. Only if there are further places available will applicants who live outside the designated area be considered. The address which will be used for consideration to be living within the designated area must be the applicant’s permanent address at 31st August 2017.  The exception to this is if the family are returning from abroad to a previous home within the designated area (documentary evidence will be required to confirm this), are Crown Servants or members of the Armed Forces.

The designated area consists of all postcodes starting:

RG1, RG2, RG4, RG5, RG6, RG7, RG8, RG9, RG10, RG12, RG18, RG19, RG21, RG24, RG26, RG27, RG30, RG31, RG40, RG41, RG42, RG45
RG14 2, RG14 5
RG20 4, RG20 5, RG20 6, RG20 7
RG22 6
RG23 8
RG29 1
GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19, GU20, GU46, GU47, GU51, GU52
OX10 0, OX10 1, OX10 6, OX10 8, OX10 9
OX11 9,
OX49 5
SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8
SL1 5, SL1 6, SL1 7, SL1 8, SL1 9
HP10 9, HP11, HP12, HP14 3

Please click here for a map of the designated area

Summary of Key Dates

Familiarisation Booklet available on the website from: 13th March 2017
Open Day Thursday 27th April 2017, 5pm to 8pm
Registration Form available from: On-line from Thursday 1st May 2017
Registration Forms to be submitted by: By midnight on Tuesday 20th June 2017
Test Day Saturday 16th September 2017, am or pm
Supplementary Test Day (medical evidence will be required) Monday 25th September 2017
Test Results posted from Kendrick School Middle to end of October 2017
Deadline for submitting CAF to home Local Authority 31st October 2017
Offer date from home Local Authority 1st March 2018