Non-Routine Admissions

Non-Routine Admissions

In Year Admissions can occur when a student on roll leaves the school and creates a vacancy. A vacancy is created when the number of students on roll for a particular year group falls below the admission number.

Our Published Admission Numbers (PAN) for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 is 96.

Where the number on roll for a particular year group exceeds the admissions number due to an appeal, leaving students will not be replaced until the number on roll for that year group falls below the admissions number.

The In Year Admissions process is normally triggered when the above conditions are met in Year 9, Year 8 and Year 7 (after December 31st). For Year 7 vacancies, the initial waiting list arising from the admissions test is used until December 31st.

The school does not normally offer places after the start of Year 10 or for Year 11.

Please read the In Year Admissions Booklet carefully and if you would still like your daughter to be added to the list of  prospective candidates please complete the Prospective List Request form below.

Please note that this prospective list only runs for one academic year at a time.  You need to contact the school each September if you would like your daughter to remain on this list.  We will only contact you if a vacancy has occurred and testing is to take place.

Non Routine Admissions Policy

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