Kendrick students are active citizens. They participate in negotiation and decision-making, such as in school council, House activities, Healthy Schools Task Group, Mock Trial, charity events, the inter-form dance competition, sports, performing arts and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. In addition to our regular charity weeks organised by year groups, we respond spontaneously and generously to particular disasters, such as the fund raising for the victims of the Chinese earthquake and Burma cyclone in 2008, in which the whole school was involved.

Citizenship involves learning about how the United Kingdom is run, so that eventually students can play their role as informed citizens. They should know enough about the various political parties to be able to vote, and even stand for government themselves. They practise democracy through voting for school councillors, in mock elections and for a charity for their form to support. We also encourage an understanding of international and global issues such as fair trade, refugees and asylum seekers and the environment, often through themed days.

Pupils are encouraged to consider controversial issues by analysing information and its sources, including the Internet. They justify opinions orally and in writing and contribute to exploratory group discussions, debates and presentations. They are encouraged to express their views clearly and sensitively, listening to and thinking carefully about the views of others. The same guidelines for balanced and thoughtful discussion which are established in PHSCE are endorsed in Citizenship. All Year 12 students undertake weekly community service to put their learning into practice.