In Drama lessons at Kendrick, students are encouraged to develop their creativity and imaginations. They are constantly presented with new challenges and their confidence and performance skills are promoted via the activities involved in a stimulating Drama curriculum. We have one small Drama Studio and are planning to expand the facilities for the teaching of Drama as the department continues to grow.

We have run the Edexcel A Level course successfully for a number of years now. The department is undergoing rapid expansion at the moment; last year we introduced GCSE Drama and the first cohort are now moving into Year 11; next year we introduce Drama at KS3 in Years 7 & 9 on a rolling programme with PHSE and Citizenship. In the future, we would hope to offer a full programme of Drama at KS3.

The department offers a rich extra-curricular programme: an annual School Production takes place in February. Students from all years may audition for this. There are weekly Drama Clubs for Year 7 and Year 8, 9 & 10 respectively, run by Year 12 Drama AS students. In this way, Drama activities are on offer to all students in all years who are interested. We run regular trips to the theatre both local and further afield. We also have frequent visits from theatre practitioners who run workshops and present pieces for us in school.