Teaching Staff

  • Mr Burrow – Subject Leader
  • Ms Katie Musgrave
  • Ms Claire Fallows
  • Mrs Bishop
  • Miss Foster


Our main aims are: to stimulate enthusiasm for literature and to encourage students to develop personal judgements and progressively more analytical views on the texts studied; also to encourage an exploratory atmosphere in the classroom, where students feel that their contributions are welcome and that intellectual enquiry is an enjoyable activity. We have a strong tradition of trips to the theatre, especially to see plays by Shakespeare.

KS3 English

Students have six hours a fortnight of English teaching, one of which is for independent reading, book talks and the checking of reading logs. Wherever possible we study whole texts and once a term the students themselves write a lengthy piece of creative or analytical work. We study a whole Shakespeare play every year and usually teach the writing skills through the literature, emphasising audience and purpose, while formal grammar is also taught through starter activities.

KS4/5 English

All students are entered for both GCSE English and English Literature. Lessons are very interactive, with plenty of discussion, debate, groupwork and oral presentations. Students are encouraged to listen actively to each other as well as the teacher.  Wherever possible students are invited to choose their own texts and titles for coursework and to arrive at an independent view. Students are expected to read independently and ,especially in the sixth form, to discuss what they have been reading.