We aim to utilise ICT in such a way that all students and staff fulfil their potential”


  • Mr Hayes-Subject Leader – ICT
  • Mr Hill – ICT Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

We aim to utilise ICT in such a way that all students and staff fulfil their potential; have personalised and individual access to ICT; are more effective members of our learning community; and are equipped to become leaders of the future.

There are five dedicated computer network rooms plus computers in subject areas throughout the school. There are over 39 interactive whiteboards and students and staff have access to over 300 computers during and outside their lessons.

In KS3 the topics covered are

Year 7: presentation desk top publishing, spreads heets, image manipulation, control;

Year 8: website design, integrated project to include internet research, spreadsheets, database, control and advertising;

Year 9: design and research projects to include communications, online booking system for theatre and computer control. Students are taught the importance of adopting a professional style when presenting documents. The majority of ICT projects have cross curricular themes.

In KS4 we follow the GCSE Edexcel course

We help the students to exploit their use of ICT, focusing upon their own strengths and interests. They extend their practical and theoretical skills through the application of ICT to a range of contexts including those of industry, commerce and the community.

All KS4 students currently follow a core ICT course where they have the opportunity to extend their KS3 skills and capability.

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