Physics is an exciting, challenging subject.


  • Mrs T Conlon – Subject Leader – Physics
  • Mr G Hill – Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr P Walker – Teacher
  • Mrs E Sheppard – Teacher
  • Mrs D Shyam Prasad – Physics Technician

The Physics department aims to introduce students to the wonders of the natural world from the very small to the very large, from every day phenomena to the exotic, from simple to complex.  The aim is to make this world more accessible and understood and to allow students to enjoy the experiments, expand their thinking, and be amazed at how the laws of physics make the physical world behave.  We aim to help students to realise that ‘Physics is Fun’ rather than the popular perception that Physics is hard.

The word ‘physics’ means ‘nature’ and thus physics, in the original sense of the word, means study of nature and the world in which we live.  Physics thus occupies a central position in science and is concerned with the whole range of natural phenomena from the study of sub-nuclear particles to the structure of the universe.  In addition, the wide practical applications of Physics means that it has immediate relevance to modern technological developments. The KS3 course will be taught in 2 years and students will start the GCSE course in year 9. The GCSE (KS4) follow the AQA syllabus. We combine the Science and Additional science and separate components across KS4 and exam at the end of the course At KS5 we follow the Edexcel course. Teaching involves an integration of demos, example classes, tutorial and practicals. The department has a friendly atmosphere and a high level of interaction between staff and students.

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