Launchpad Pancake Race Kendrick School 2017

On Tuesday 28th February, Kendrick School had its first teacher pancake race, raising money for Launchpad, Reading. Six willing teachers took part: Mr Curran, Mrs Kenward, Miss McCarron, Mrs Macwaters, Frau Mueller and Frau Alderson. During the race, involved flipping a pancake whilst jumping over a hurdle, through a hoop, round a cone and racing to the finish!

Students and teachers across the school sponsored different teachers. Teachers also found themselves other sponsors, such as family and various clubs.

This successful event was supported well, with lots of students turning up, lots of fun had, and lots of money raised! Miss McCarron completed the race the fastest, and won a lemon!

Altogether, we raised £245! Well done and thank you to everybody who sponsored, and to all the teachers who took part, especially to Frau Alderson who raised the most: £90!

Launchpad will spend this money helping the homeless. They may do this by buying these basic items for their clients, who may not have these. Altogether, the cost of these items is £244.25, just under the amount that we raised.

  • £100 Food (for a month)
  • £79 Essential clothes
  • £50 Cookery course
  • £8 Curtains
  • £5 Lamp
  • £3.45 Antibacterial items and first aid kit
  • £3 Towels
  • £2 Cutlery
  • £2 Soap, shampoo and conditioner
  • £1.80 Toothbrushes and paste