Dance Studio

We have a wonderful air-conditioned Dance Studio which overlooks the Sports Hall. If you want complete privacy, there are blinds on the surrounding windows. It includes a wall of mirrors with a hand rail so you can see yourself in action! The floor is perfect for gym and dance routines, being soft but strong enough to support you. It is used for many sports not just dance, on a Tuesday after school it’s host to the judo club which many girls enjoy.

It has also proved to be very useful when inter-form dance comes around every year with many forms using it to choreograph, create and practise their dances. Also with the glass panel who needs the p.e teachers you, can judge it yourself!

Dance Studio

Current Rates

Dance Studio
Occasional £28.00 per hour
Occasional 3-5 hours £24.00 per hour
Occasional 6+ hours £22.00 per hour
10 Weeks, 1-3 hours £22.50 per hour
10 Weeks, 3+ hours £21.00 per hour

For block bookings or further details about the Dance Studio please contact Reception on 0118 9015859 ext 208 or Contact us