Swimming Pool

Currently our 20m swimming pool is being used for Aqua Aerobics, Swimming Lessons, Synchronised Swimming, Sub Aqua, occasionally for Reading Rowing club and for staff to relax and rewind after a long day at work.

It doesn’t just have to be used for clubs, but can be booked by small groups or families. The one thing we ask for is that more than one person is in the pool at any one time and suitable lifeguarding arrangements are in place.

We have available at Reception and on poolside, Kendrick Pools NOP (Normal Operating Procedures) and EAP (Emergency Action Plan) for you to look at.

Swimming Pool

Current Rates


 Occasional £50.00 per hour
 Occasional 3-5 hours £45.00 per hour
 Occasional 6 + hours £40.00 per hour
10 Weeks, 1-3 hours £40.00 per hour
10 Weeks, 3 + hours £40.00 per hour