A Level Geography Tectonics Conference

Once upon a time (last Friday) the current A-Level Geographers boarded a coach at 8 o’clock in the morning; little did they know the extent of the fun and action packed day that lay ahead of them. Arriving at the Dominion Theatre in London, the 54 students eagerly stepped into the theatre with their empty tectonics booklet, which they would soon fill up with invaluable knowledge imparted from experts in this field.

Arriving relatively early, we were able to secure the best seats in the house as we looked to the stage in anticipation for the arrival of the first talk from Professor Iain Stewart, well known geographer and geologist. In his talk, we glided through the streets of Istanbul as he explored the concept of how it is not the hazard that causes the disaster but the environment around it, thus ending with the idea that if an earthquake were to strike this Megacity the implications would be immense. The programme nicely lead onto a talk by Dr Martin Degg, of the Degg Model, who used the human geography of Megacities to help explain Tectonic disasters. The subsequent talks included exploring the volcanoes and floods of the miracle that is the Icelandic geography, followed by talks from examiners David Redfern and Sue Warn. We are all incredibly grateful for having had the opportunity to enrich our learning of the tectonics part of our A level course going forward and enjoyed the day immensely.

Caitlin and Jenny – Year 12 Students