Meeting Angela Merkel

In the summer holidays, I went to Berlin and had the absolute privilege of meeting German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. We were so lucky that the weekend we were there, the ministries were open to the public. So when we found out, we went to visit the Federal Chancellery building, which is Angela Merkel’s office and official residence. The building was magnificent and had a large park with it.  One of her choppers was also on display. So at midday, Angela Merkel gave a speech to the public and then walked from there to the grand park. As she was walking by, people were lined up either side of the doorway, making a passageway that she was to walk through, ready to take photographs and autographs. When she walked past me I said to her: “Frau Merkel. Ich komme aus England. Kann ich bitte mit Sie ein Photo nehmen.” She replied: “Ja!” and I happily took a selfie with her. My sister also shook her hand. My dad was rather cheeky and sat on her bodyguard’s motorcycle. After meeting the public, Angela Merkel stood beside her chopper and gave an endearing speech before answering people’s questions. It was lovely to see how happily she answered the questions some children were asking her. She must really love her people and country.  Seeing her in person and listening to her speak, she seems like such a wonderful person and a fantastic leader. I am so happy I had the privilege of meeting such an amazing personality.

Riya, 11Q