Physics Challenges

The AS competition March 2017

25 Year 12 students participated in a paper full of tricky questions. Top in School was a Silver award to Kriti Sapra and there were also top Bronze awards to Maryam Kashif, Prisma Gautam, Freya Leyland and Shruti Shankar. There were also 6 further bronze awards, so very good results and well done to all who took part.

The GCSE challenge March 2017

This year was another tricky paper with some very challenging questions, so well done to all 23 students who participated. 3 Students achieved a SILVER award, Kitty Gingell, Nandini Guzman and TOP in SCHOOL, Jana Scholey. A further six students obtained Bronze awards and these were Jackie Rao, Yukina Partington, Abbie carter, Mia le Fleming , Maribel Ercilla and Thivya Suganthan.

Well done to all participants.

Mrs Conlon
Subject Leader of Physics