Letter from the Head Girl – Nasya 

Nasya - Head Girl

Nasya – Head Girl

Hello, my name is Nasya and I am incredibly privileged to be writing this letter as the newly elected Head Girl of Kendrick School.

Composing this letter has allowed me to ponder over my time here at Kendrick. On my first day at Kendrick, I arrived with a rucksack full to the brim with all kinds of ‘necessities’, a little nervous but with an excited disposition and a sense of awe. Initially, I struggled to comprehend how I would be able to fit into, firstly, an all girls’ school and secondly, one with such an established reputation. However, I had not realised how influential the ‘Kendrick Community’ would be to my life. Many of you are probably wondering about the definition of ‘Kendrick Community’, but honestly, I am not entirely sure how to define it.

To me, the ‘Kendrick Community’ can simply be portrayed by the numerous music concerts consisting of girls from all age groups, the sporting events and competitions, charity weeks- run and organised by Kendrick girls, our conscientious attitude to current affairs, working alongside the KPS to fundraise, our desire and determination to make a mark in the world as well as our teachers’ ‘Pop’ group (No Direction) and of course our chickens, that we are all secretly incredibly fond of!

Over my time here, I have witnessed the power of this cohesive community. The girls and the staff at Kendrick truly work harmoniously together on activities and challenges that benefit the whole community. It is not a rare sight to see the girls and the staff consuming excess amounts of homemade cakes or dressing up in ridiculous outfits all in the name of charity!

The Kendrick Community has helped so many girls to blossom into self-assured, young women each with their own individual talents ranging from the highly artistic and dramatic to the more scientific or mathematical. It is needless to say that Kendrick has helped me academically to realise my full potential, but beyond the academia, it has helped me to appreciate so much more.

Kendrick and its spirit have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in life. A former Art teacher once reminded my Year 8 class, that in life it is more than likely you will end up having more than one career. Life can be unexpected, throwing things at you when you least expect it. Kendrick, its staff and the students here past and present have taught me how to deal with unforeseen events and how to overcome them- for that I am incredibly grateful. When I and the rest of my year group leave Kendrick, I know that alongside our incredible and slightly bizarre memories and our individual academic achievements, we also leave with an abundance of life skills that will remain with us forever.

Over the course of the year, I hope that I am able to open Kendrick’s doors to the local community and to other external bodies to accentuate our diversity and showcase the ‘Kendrick Community’ so that others can begin to understand the feeling associated with that coined phrase and comprehend why I find it so difficult to define.

I firmly believe that secondary school and sixth form play a fundamental part in shaping us into the people that we are today. Therefore, I would like to reiterate how excited I am to have the opportunity to be an ambassador of an institution that has already inspired so many girls since 1877. Now, I have the chance, with my Deputy Katie Goddard and the rest of the Head Girl Team, to make a mark on this incredible school, inspiring a younger generation of girls and becoming part of the Kendrick legacy.

Many thanks,

Nasya Munga