Careers Education, Information & Guidance & Work Related Learning

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information and Guidance)

Kendrick School is committed to providing a range of opportunities, experiences and resources to enable students in KS3, 4 and 5 to help them engage with their future life after Kendrick.

 The main objectives of CEIAG are:-

  • Evaluation of careers information;
  • To help students to analyse their own interests, aptitudes and attainment;
  • To know the role of ‘Advisa’ (part of the National Careers Service) and other sources of help available;
  • How to apply for work and prepare for job interviews;
  • To be aware of the options available for school leavers;
  • To acquire skills required in the transition from school to work.

Throughout the academic year, initiatives and events are arranged for students, from all years, to participate in and benefit from.

To give you some flavour of what the students are involved in, an overview is provided below:

Overview of Year 9 programme:

Sessions covering the topics:

Who am I?(16 personalities tool)

Jobs of the future (VOOCs)

Information Gathering on GCSE options

Making decisions (Includes an civil engineering problem-solving brief)

Creating a person profile

Overview of Year 10 programme:

Sessions covering the topics:

Application forms and letters

Preparing for an interview

Preparing a CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Researching careers*

*The Work Related Learning Coordinator also puts together a programme where invited guests (from local businesses and other contacts) share their stories of their career journey with the students, explaining how they made their choices, gained relevant qualifications, their level of job satisfaction and career development paths open to them.

Work Experience

Work Experience now takes place in Term 6 of Year 10. Using the services of the CBEBP, students have the valuable opportunity to spend a week in a work placement. This is relevant learning, where our students learn to act in a professional manner in the work place, taking on new and unfamiliar tasks, working alongside people they only know in a professional capacity. The placement are sort to closely meet the aspirations of our students and the feedback from this activity is overwhelmingly positive.

Students in the Sixth Form are encourage to investigate work experience opportunities for themselves. The WRL learning co-ordinator will also inform Sixth Form students of offers of work experience placement which are advertised and offered by our valued network of supporting businesses.


Engaging and educational activities are made available to the students cross the school; which serves to develop a host of transferable skills, such as team work, idea generation, decision making, teamwork, delegation, meeting deadlines, careful use of resources and so much more.

Year 10s have a full day off timetable to carry out an exciting Enterprise activity.

Year 8s and 9s ( new to Sixth Form 2016/17) participate in the Young Enterprise Tenner Challenge National Competition, which runs over a period of 4 weeks in the spring.

Year 7s enjoy the ‘Wheelie Fun Business Challenge’ in the summer.

Year 11 Conference

In Year 11 (KS4), we run the ‘Year 11 Post 16 Conference’ which is an action-packed and informative day, where the students hear a Keynote presentation by an invited guest (usually alumni) and the CBEPP provide us with several delegated from local businesses who represent key career areas… such as IT, Engineering, Law, Medical professions, Creative Industries etc. The day concludes with a talk from the National Apprenticeship Service and a Q and A session with the Head Girl Team about life in the Sixth Form and their future choices. All this informs our student of their post 16 and post 18 options.

Careers Fairs


Kendrick School hosts a biennial ‘Design Your Future’ event in collaboration with the CBEBP which gives student from Year 9 to Year 13 the opportunity to meet potential future employers and discuss possible career paths with a wide-ranging choice of delegates.

Design Your Future 2017 will be held on Thursday 19th October 2017.

Please find attached a guide to the exhibitors to the here. Please note that this event is open to Kendrick School and Reading Boys students only.

Other opportunities to attend careers fairs locally are circulated and in the year in between our own Kendrick event, the Year 9s have a trip to the Destinations Expo arranged by the CBEBP.

In the Summer term, an annual Sixth Form Event, ’Life after Kendrick’, is held which builds from the information gained via previous careers fairs and the UCAS application process.

Careers Library and other resources

The Careers resources area in the school library, which is well stocked with the essential resources for researching careers and the opportunity to use the internet, is open all day.

The Work Related Learning Coordinator also informs students of relevant careers opportunities, such as additional work experience placements, course, employment opportunities, events and conferences etc. through a regularly updated bulletin.

The students can speak to their tutors, Heads of Year, teachers and the Work Related Learning Coordinator at any time for information and support.

Support Networks

Kendrick school is committed to developing relevant and up-to-date contacts with alumni, parents and local businesses, who share our desire to provide opportunities to our students to explore career options and experiences.

We would be very happy to hear from you if you think you or your business could support us in some way. Please contact the WRL co-ordinator