Student Support

As well as the support and guidance provided by the tutor, Year Head and parents there are a number of outside agencies that we liaise with to support the pastoral work in school. These include:

  • School Nurse: We have available to us the services of a school nurse. She is a regular visitor to the school and is involved and participates in aspects of the PSHCE programme. Appointments to see the nurse can be made via the school office for those who wish to discuss matters of a private and confidential nature.
  • No. 5: A Counsellor from the No. 5 Youth Counselling Service is available. Students are able to access this service by contacting the School Welfare Officer.
  • Educational Psychologist: Referral to the Educational Psychologist may be considered useful and is generally initiated by the Head of Year.
  • Educational Welfare Officer: We will call on the EWO when there are issues relating to attendance.

There are other specialist adolescent agencies that are also available for us to call on depending on the circumstances and need of individual students.

The No5 school counsellor is currently available during the school day, and offers up to ten counselling slots per week. The nurse visits school fortnightly.

Kendrick students can request counselling or an appointment with the school nurse by contacting the school’s Welfare Officer who will arrange a session time that fits in with their individual timetable. All communications between the student, the Welfare Officer and School Counsellor or nurse are confidential.

No 5 Parents Carers Leaflet

anna albert

Anna Albert

Kendrick School’s No5 counsellor is Anna Albert.  Anna has written a number of very interesting and useful articles for the school which you can access below:

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