House System

Sports Day 2012 Runners

Everyone at Kendrick (including the staff) is a member of one of three houses – Palmer, Cedars or Sidmouth.

Kendrick’s house system was introduced by a past Head Girl Team and each house is run by a Head of House (who is a teacher), a House Captain (a sixth form student on the Head Girl Team) and a Vice Captain (a Year 10 to 11 student). The Captains and Vice Captains are re-elected every Easter.

Everyone at Kendrick is a member of one of three houses (Palmer, Cedars or Sidmouth) – including the staff – and you can earn house points by being particularly helpful or enthusiastic. Another way of being awarded house points is by participating in house events, such as Sports Day, House Drama, House Music and even House University Challenge and House Scrabble – and if you win, you’ll earn even more points!

If you do something especially outstanding in a house event that catches the eye of your House Captains, Vice House Captains or Heads of House, you may be lucky enough to be awarded a house badge. These are extremely special because you can only win one of these while at Kendrick – so if you do manage to get one, treasure it and wear it every day.

Palmer House was named after the Reading-based Huntley & Palmer business entrepreneur. Their colour is green and at particularly exciting events, you might spot the Palmer Llama, their mascot. The Palmer House Leader is Mrs Turnball.

Cedars House was named after our very own Cedars music block and their colour is blue. The Cedars Seal is their mascot and their Head of House is Mr Simmonds, who also oversees the entire house system.

Sidmouth House was named after the Sidmouth block at the front of the school. They have a giant Sidmouth Squid as their mascot, which is yellow to match their house colour. Sidmouth is lucky enough to be supported by Mr Wilson, who is their Head of House.

For more information about the house system, you can check the House Book or the House Boards in the main school building.