Kendrick Trustees – Trust Grants

THE KENDRICK TRUST – TRUST GRANTS AVAILABLE (for current and ex-students)

Each year the Trustees are able to give grants to students and ex-students. Details of these grants are given to all Year 11 and Year 13 students with their exam results in August each year, but are open to all students at the school.

Current grants available are:

  • Travel scholarships of up to £500 each, to help with travel costs if a student is carrying out charity work abroad. The amount Trustees can offer will depend upon the number of students requesting a grant in any one year;
  • Maintenance allowances of up to £500 for former students of the school whilst training for a profession, or similar advanced qualification, provided their application is made within 5 years of having left Kendrick. In exceptional circumstances allowances may be extended to former students undertaking a course in higher education;
  • Assistance with the cost of travel, course fees etc. to current students who may be studying Music, Drama, Dance etc out of school hours;
  • Exhibitions to relieve hardship which may arise during the course of a student’s education at Kendrick School.

Applications for grants for 2015 should be submitted to the Kendrick Trust no later than 31st January 2017. However, in exceptional circumstances applications may be considered at other times of the year. Students and former students should send their applications to Mrs J Elliott (Trustee) via Ms Kattirtzi at Kendrick School. Ms Kattirtzi has been requested to approve these applications before they are submitted to the Kendrick Trust.

These applications should indicate the total amount the student must find and how they are raising the money themselves. The Trustees would also like to know how the student has contributed to school life.

The Trustees urge all students to consider applying for these grants and look forward to receiving your applications.

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