Young Enterprise

Over the past few years Kendrick School has taken part in the Young Enterprise Company scheme. This Internationally-recognised enterprise award benefits our students by offering them the opportunity to run a fully-functioning trading company, where they can develop their business potential through the processes of innovation, problem-solving, time-management, pitching, marketing, selling and personnel management and so much more.

Sixteen Year 12 students are selected through an application and interview process. All the candidates have a desire to learn about business first-hand. Once chosen, each director pitches for a specific role within the business (Managing Director, Marketing Manager, Accounts, Human Resources, Operation Manager, IT etc.) and each division of the business is run by a head of department and a deputy leader.

Each year Kendrick Young Enterprise Companies perform very well, often making significant amounts of profit along the way! After selling shares and raising capital, they choose innovative and on-trend products to meet the needs of specified target markets and from there go on to be successful in selling.

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