The Wheelie Fun Year 7 Enterprise Day!

Our Year 7s had the now-established lively end to their exam week with an exciting and fun enterprise event.

The team brief:

Come up with a business idea which should have the potential to make money by marketing goods and/or services.

However, the business idea must include the use of up to 6 wheels!

For example, they might decide that their business needs a van (4 wheels) and a trailer (2 wheels) for them to carry out the business idea.

Twelve teams of 8 students were expected to show a range of skills:

…as they went about their tasks, and throughout their very busy morning, they were subjected to an assessment which was to whittle down 12 teams to 6! The initial judging criteria are shown below:

Judging criteria

  • How well did they work as a team?
  • Did they manage to achieve all the expected activity outcomes?
  • How imaginative/creative was the business idea?
  • How plausible is their business concept?
  • How well organised was the team?

The day was full of creative activities and this is what each team had to do:

  • A great name for your business

Try to develop a name which is memorable, that might let someone know what the business is about. Try to be original.

  • An eye-catching logo

Look at some examples of effective logos. Analyse what makes them effective. Try to use some of these elements in your logo.

  • An A2 poster, advertising your business

Present this on a piece of A2 ‘foam board’ (provided). It should clearly display your company name and logo and some information that informs potential customers about your business. You may want to have a special promotion on the poster to tempt people to make a purchase. Remember that often ‘less is more’…so don’t add too much to this poster.

  • A price list for goods and/or services

Getting the range of goods and/or services right is very important to the success of a business, so think carefully about what you decide here. Present this information as a display board or flyer.

  • A USP (Unique Selling Point) for your business

This is something a business has or does which makes it stand out from businesses which do similar things. For example they are known for using recycled packaging because they care for the environment.

During the early part of the afternoon, the 4 short-listed teams had to prepare a 3-minute, ‘Dragon’s Den’-style presentation, selecting the team’s 4 best presenters, whilst the others had a time of reflection on the skills they had learnt. They had to think of ways that could use these skills in other areas of their lives, both inside and outside school.

This year our external judges were from Robert Digby Architects; Ellie, Natalia and Alma, who provided a professional insight into the creativity and innovation of the students’ work. They commented on maturity of the students, their productivity and their ability to work as part of a team. The other judge was Frau Male from Kendrick school.

The final decision was done by a democratic vote, giving rise to a winner and a runner up team.

Prizes and house points were awarded to those in the winning teams.

Winning Team:

‘Mia Bella… A mobile spa experience…the road to perfection!

Runner’s Up team:

  • ‘Bon Appetit’… a mobile catering service to campers.

Report written by: Mrs Elisabeth Rock, Work Related Learning Coordinator