Work Experience 26th – 30th June 2017

Work experience is a great way to develop new life skills and learn about the work place and working environment. It can also give a true understanding of the different fields of work, which could be explored and pursued in the future. Fortunately for me, Kendrick School seems to be one of the few schools that continues to offer work experience, giving this wonderful opportunity to its students. Through work experience, students are able to create a clearer vision of the future and potential professions they might like to pursue.

The company that had kindly offered me a work placement was WorldRemit Ltd, London; WorldRemit is a company that provides customers the service to transfer money all across the world.

Throughout the week, I have developed many new skills: for example better time management, improved interpersonal skills and developed technical skills like better understanding of product life cycle, targeting specific segments using digital marketing and how to identify frauds. As a Business Studies student, these five days have given me an exceptional insight; I could see the way the knowledge I have gained is used in the real situations, making it all make sense.

My week comprised various activities and I was working in many different departments: starting with the product designing department and moving onto the customer relations and, finally, in customer services, learning a number of different skills on the way. To begin with, I was working in the product team where I designed an app and learnt about different aspects of app designing. After that, I worked with CRM (customer relations management), where I gained an understanding of the importance of retaining of customers and effective method to do this. On the last day, I was listening into calls, observing how to reply to customer emails and learning how to identify fraud accounts and transactions in the customer service department. I was given tasks to do and so I did not feel like a spare part and I liked the fact that they trusted me and valued my contribution.

So in conclusion, these five days have given me the opportunity to develop a new set of skills, a new network of contacts, confidence to be around unfamiliar people and situations and a better understanding of potential career paths that are open to me in the future. I have really valued the provision of this work experience and I am grateful to Kendrick school and to the CBEBP for enabling this to happen and I hope many after me will be able to benefit in the years to come.

Pahki Garg, Year 10