Year 12 – Maths Inspiration

On Tuesday 27th February, Year 12 maths students went to the Hexagon in Reading to watch Maths Inspiration, which was a series of talks about maths given by Hannah Fry, David Acheson, and Hugh Hunt, and the event was hosted by Matt Parker.

Hannah Fry gave the first talk about randomness and demonstrated how bad humans are at simulating randomness themselves especially when the randomness involved the number seven.

After this, David Acheson talked about pi, pizza and electric guitars, which included him using infinite series to explain why, when stacking pizza boxes, you can get the top box to be infinity away from the table it is above. Jana and Mia also got chosen to demonstrate the fundamental and first harmonic waves (played with slinkys on stage), before he gave an electric guitar performance.

The last talk was by Hugh Hunt on spinning things, where former Kendrick girl Eleanor went on stage to demonstrate conservation of angular momentum, and he showed us how to lift a heavy item just by spinning a tennis ball on string.

At the end, they had a Q&A in which they answered important questions, such as ‘would aliens do the same maths as us?’, and then we went back to school (except we held them up by taking a selfie with Matt Parker and getting our books signed).

Overall, it was a very interesting day, which furthered our understanding and inspired us about maths.

Also, anyone even remotely interested in maths should look at Numberphile on YouTube 🙂

Liz, Jana and Mia