Year 7 Charity Week

The Year 7 Charity Week was from Tuesday 2nd of May to Friday 5th of May. We raised money for Launchpad – a local charity for homeless people.

All three forms worked together, and the other years loved it (or so it seemed!). On Tuesday, there was an amazing bake sale! There were cookies, muffins, brownies, cupcakes, and slices of cake. All the other years gorged themselves and said they were super tempted to by all of them! We sold loads, raising £172 in one day, making it one of the most successful cake sales ever.

On Wednesday there was a fun-filled fair that took place in the hall. The stalls included cakes, a second hand book stall, raffle, stress gadgets (slime and rice filled balloons), sweets and chocolate, candy floss and popcorn, and more. It was diverse, creative, well priced, and enjoyable.

On Thursday, people from each Year 7 form went round with mobile games and activities. 7B did The Jelly Bean Challenge, which was racing another person to see who could transfer the most jellybeans, using chopsticks! 7C did The Chubby Bunny Challenge. This is again a competition to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth. 7F did another competition The Strawberry Lace Race. The challenge was to see (in a pair) who could suck up a strawberry lace the quickest.

On Friday, Year 7 had an own clothes day and almost every Year 7 took part. It was a great first charity week for us all – we all did our bit by funding and bringing along all the things we needed. We hope that our Charity Week, in which we raised a total of £682 will make a difference to the life of a homeless person.

Imogen Jackson and Aashirya Chougule 7B