Young Geographer of the Year Competition 2017

Five students from Year 13 and three students from Year 9 chose to enter this national competition after the Geography department had advertised the opportunity in the weekly bulletin. All entries were of an extremely high standard and the Geography department were really proud to send them all off to the Royal Geographical Society in London earlier this term. We were really excited to learn that Jasmine Dhaliwal in Year 13 had been awarded one of three highly commended prizes in the Key Stage 5 category. Jasmine has written about the experience below:

This year’s Young Geographer of the Year competition posed the question ‘What is the geography of your favourite place?’, and I greatly enjoyed writing an essay about a place that geographically intrigued me: home. In the essay we were challenged to write about the social, cultural, political and environmental geography of our favourite place, as well as the local and global processes that influence it. I was inspired to write about my home when I realised the extent to which global and societal processes are reflected in a household (for example, I equated parenting to governance and explored the variations of culture within my own family).

Amongst the numerous entries that were submitted, I was fortunate enough to be awarded ‘Highly Commended’ for my essay, and attended an award ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society on Friday 24th November. At this ceremony I had the opportunity to listen to Alastair Humphreys (National Geographic’s 2012 ‘Adventurer of the Year’) speak about his favourite places, as well as read the other award-winning entries. I feel extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity, as I found both the talk and the other outstanding submissions greatly inspiring. I was even lucky enough to receive a Geography-themed goodie bag and, as an aspiring Geographer, the ‘I love Geography’ pencil will definitely be a necessity in my future university studies!

I would like to thank the Geography department for giving us all the opportunity to take part in this competition, and also the Royal Geographical Society for kindly hosting the event.

If you would like to read Jasmine’s essay it can be found, along with the other winners’ work, at the following link: