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  • 14/11/19

    Religious studies Trip to Oxford

    On Thursday morning, the two Religious Studies classes from Years 10 and 11 boarded the coach to go to Oxford. Our first destination was the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, a very large and architecturally beautiful building.
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  • 08/11/19

    A Resident of Kendrick

    Many students in Kendrick are familiar with a small black and white bird who hops about in the car park during quiet moments.  They were challenged to identify this bird, and the challenge was won by Attsaya in 13SJ.  
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  • 07/11/19

    Reading Council Climate Conference

    On Monday 4 November, Emily, Anna Mae, Mia (Year 13s), Amy Grace and Rowena (Year 9s) were given the incredible opportunity to go to the Reading Council Climate Conference at Alfred Sutton Primary along with Ms Kattirtzi and Ms Fallows.  There were lots of amazing presentations...
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  • 24/10/19

    Trip to France - October 2019

    On Sunday the 13th October, French students in Year 10 embarked on what would, for many of us, be one of our most unique and amazing experiences. It was a 14 hour journey, including the exciting Eurotunnel and a French service station. We arrived in Tours to be picked up by our host families an...
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  • 18/10/19

    Biology Week 2019

    The Biology Department had a great time planning and delivering a jam-packed Biology week last week. Some of the Year 12 Biology prefects put together some wonderful Biology quizzes and ‘Women in Biology’ presentations to be shown during registration time.  Some of the women th...
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  • 16/10/19

    A Girl with a Dream, is Fire

    On 11th of October 2019, the Head Girl Team invited Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu to Kendrick School to deliver an inspirational talk as part of our Black History Month.
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  • 14/10/19

    World Mental Health Day

    On World Mental Health Day at Kendrick School, students and staff wore an item of yellow clothing to take part in the Young Minds charity initiative #HelloYellow and each donating towards the cause.
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  • 11/10/19

    Eco Week

    Eco Week kicked off with a debate considering whether individual and small scale actions to reduce the effects of climate change are useless. Subjects as wide-ranging as the plastic straw ban to the Brazilian rainforest were considered. There was an excellent turnout, with students from both Lower S...
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  • 10/10/19

    My Au Pair Experience

    In September of 2018, after I finished my studies at Kendrick, I flew to Munich to begin my Au-Pair year in Germany.
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  • 03/10/19

    Visit from Former Students

    On the 17th September, Emily and I toured three lovely ladies around Kendrick who had attended the school in the 1940s. Vivienne, Hilary and Miriam Stock, as they were known when they attended Kendrick, had come back to visit whilst Miriam, who now lives in Sydney, was in the UK.
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  • 27/09/19

    School Birthday Celebrations 2019

    On Monday 23rd September,we had a super School Birthday celebration starting with a whole school assembly – the first time this term the whole school has assembled in the Hall. As always, every form was asked to bake a cake for the cake competition on a given theme. 
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  • 26/09/19

    Air Experience Flying Day

    On Wednesday 18th September 2019, we got the opportunity to go to RAF Benson to be flown in an aircraft used in the RAF alongside a RAF pilot.
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