Remembering Manasvini

Manasvini Kaushik, a Year 8 student at Kendrick School, died suddenly and unexpectedly on the evening of Tuesday 26th March 2019.

Manasvini was a bright, kind, fun loving, smiley, and beautiful 12 year old. She was a member of 8V and had many friends, some very close friends, who she shared a lot of laughter and joy with in her life. Manasvini loved her school and her mother told me how happy she was every day at Kendrick. At age 11, Manasvini had a choice of three secondary schools to go to but she told her parents, quite clearly and confidently, that Kendrick was the choice for her and both they and she were very happy with how she settled, made friends and progressed in her school life. Manasvini loved

Manasvini (far right) with some of her friends

the friends she had in her form and they loved her. They made each other happy with their dancing and playing during break times and Manasvini’s general optimistic and happy outlook on life. In everything she did Manasvini seemed to enjoy life and brought joy and happiness to those around her; she was always a source of great pride to her family.

Manasvini’s parents Maitri and Vish were loving parents and like Manasvini loved Kendrick for how it made their daughter feel. Last year, Maitri, with her friend Gayatri, were elected as co-chairs of the Kendrick Parents’ Society. Their first major and most successful fund raising event was the Cultural Evening that was held last autumn. An evening of Dance, Music and Food which so many people came to and enjoyed and brought our community together. Like Manasvini, Maitri and Vish were proud to be associated with Kendrick and pledged that they would support the school and the students as much as they could. Modest and kind in their way, they politely and generously gave their time and efforts to support our school for which I am most grateful.

The last two days have been very difficult for our school community; we have cried and we have laughed, we have seen photos and videos of this happy young girl, dancing and playing with her friends and we have felt the love and laughter she generated with the people around her.   Her friends have written messages to her and about her and have brought in flowers and ribbons which they have decorated a tree on our front lawn to express their affection for her.

Today Year 8 students have come to school wearing blue, Manasvini’s favourite colour. I know this and all the other gestures they have done will give us all some comfort as we manage the grief and loss of Manasvini from our community. The tree that has been decorated is one of the biggest trees on our site, chosen to remember one of the smallest girls in the year group but one with the biggest heart.

We know that the coming weeks and months will not be easy for our school community, but Manasvini’s death, incomprehensible as it is, has brought a sense of unity and perspective to our community, as well as an expression of love throughout the school. I would like this to be the lasting legacy of our dear, loved and hugely missed, Manasvini. 

Ms Christine Kattirtzi, Headteacher