Human Rights Week

From the 25th - 29th March, Amnesty Society ran ‘Human Rights Week’ to express how we as a Kendrick community can use our voice to take a stand against prejudice and discrimination.

On Monday, Mr Curran’s History classes were shown a Powerpoint presentation we created on the ‘History of Human Rights’ and wrote on paper humans ‘What human rights means to them’. These are displayed on the conservatory windows.

On Tuesday, we had online petition signing on the Amnesty website where over 150 petitions were signed about causes we all feel strongly about! This ranged from consent laws in Denmark, to stopping the flow of weapons into Yemen.

On Wednesday, we had a publicity stunt where students from year 7 - 9 were given tags to attach to their bags and write on them what they think refugees go through. This symbolised the weight that refugees carry and allowed us to try and empathise with them further.

On Thursday, we held a party with the after school refugee homework club for the children. It was lovely to see lots of people from younger years coming to show their support and the refugee children definitely enjoyed their time!

On Friday, we had our Amnesty assembly and played a short video we created on ‘What comes to mind when you think of human rights’.