Physics Competitions / Challenges Results

The Cambridge Physics Challenge takes place under the ISAAC on-line platform, and 3 Year 12 students received awards:

Jolie and Palak both obtained ‘Sapphire’ awards for being in the top 100, & Sruthi Vemuri received a ‘Diamond’ award for being in the top 60 in the country. As a result of this she has attended an expenses-paid, inspirational residential course at Cambridge University.

Palak, who achieved a Gold in the earlier AS Olympiad competition, is also going to a free residential course, this time at Oxford University.

GCSE students have also taken part, with great success, in the Year 10 On-line Challenge, one of the Olympiad competitions.  All students obtained awards, with Drishti, Kasundi, Joshitha and Helena obtaining Silver awards and Eliana, Holly, Sanjana and Jade obtaining Gold awards.

Well done to all who took part in the various challenges this year.

If you would like to further extend your Physics thinking, use the ISAAC platform regularly, and you can also practice for future Olympiad challenges, eg the GCSE challenge in Year 11, or the A Level challenges, at: