Engineering Society Provides Physics Fun For Year 7s

One of the best memories we have as children growing up is dreaming about superpowers and for many- flying.

Earlier this month, on 2nd July, Engineering Soc attempted to make that dream somewhat a reality for Year 7s using the superpower of Physics.

Over 30 eager Year 7s joined Engineering Soc in a combined mission to use a hoverboard and the result, not to brag, was somewhat terrific!

Now let’s break down the mechanics of the invention:  there is a light plywood frame that stretched a carpet between it and directly under it we used a powerful Bosch leaf-blower to provide an upthrust of wind across the carpet and this was the mechanism behind the magic. The plywood frame was able to float above the air and, within a discrete weight range, was able to carry some ecstatic Year 7s.  



So what is our conclusion of this success? Engineering truly is awesome!

As a STEM society in an all-girls school, we recognise the importance of representation of girls in science subjects.  The growing acknowledgement of the imbalance in female to male ratio in STEM courses and careers is encouraging. Yet there is more to do and the Engineering Soc want to show the Year 7s that a career in Engineering would be more than just a weekly job, but it would give you the capability to design and build amazing complex models such as this one.

Serena, Jolie and Palak