Year 9 Poetry Recitation Challenge

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons last week saw the annual Year 9 Poetry Recitation Challenge.  Students work in groups to present a poem in a creative, choral way.  This year, the challenge included memorising the poems, a task which the students approached with vigour. 

All students contributed highly original ideas to the performances and they were greatly enjoyed by all.  The winning group on Tuesday were 'The Doves' (Hannah, Aashi, Shruthi and Ishika in 9A) who gave a touching and thoughtful recitation of Rita Dove's complex poem Cozy Apologia.  The winning group on Wednesday were 'The Sandy Shells' (Sanya, Manuela, Amber and Aniya in 9A), who gave a powerful, controlled and visually creative recitation of Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. 

Students also devised witty names for their group, and our favourite was the group who recited Simon Armitage's The Manhunt; their group names was 'Simon Says'.