Lord Borwick Visit to Kendrick School

On Friday 20th April, Lord Borwick visited Kendrick to speak to Sixth Form students. The session centred on the role of the House of Lords within the parliamentary system, along with ample opportunity to answer any questions we had related to politics.

Within the first few minutes of the talk, the audience were questioning and challenging the system of government. Lord Borwick found himself responding in an animated and enthusiastic style to topics ranging from: what should be done about peers who do not attend parliamentary debates, defending his right to a hereditary position in the House of Lords, and the ultimate question – how does a Kendrick Girl go about obtaining a peerage? The answer, much to the disappointment of the impatient crowd, was that we would have to wait until we reach 21 to even consider applying.

All in all, the talk was very informative; as a student body I would consider our Sixth Form to be very politically engaged, however it is easy to get caught up in ‘party politics’, and it is not often that we get the opportunity to discuss the intricacy of systems beyond the Cabinet. Lord Borwick was a great speaker in showing the other side of our law-making bodies, and helped us better understand the relevance of politics in our daily lives. He finished by offering us the opportunity of visiting the House of Lords and attending a debate. We will be taking him up on his offer next term.

Fareeha Year 13