Year 7 History Trip to Reading Museum

In November 2019, Year 7 went to the Reading Museum to learn about the contenders for the throne in 1066, the Battle of Hastings and its background tale. After we put our belongings away, our guide led us up the stairs to the first floor which held a replica of the Bayeux Tapestry.

We were fascinated by the intricately embroidered 68m cloth before our eyes. It showed many scenes from the Battle and the events that lead up to it.

First, our guides showed us what the tapestry depicted using the power of comedic acting by Year 7. We got to dress up in robes, crowns and even chainmail for some!

Alex Marden from 7V said, “It was a really interesting way to learn in greater depth this aspect of history. I particularly liked the way we all had the opportunity to get involved.” During this, 7V were interrupted by a fire alarm, but we quickly got back on track. Alisha Grewal from 7W stated, “ It was an amazing experience which was very factual, informative and was packed with fun activities!” Elise Shaffer from 7T said, “It was really fascinating to look at the Bayeux Tapestry, and acting it out helped us to see the Battle of Hastings in a new way”.

After our acting skit, we went to complete activities like working out what sections on the Tapestry meant and examining them for details.

When the trip was nearly over, we were given the opportunity to visit the gift shop and, using money we’d brought from home, buy something from all the very interesting things on sale. 

It was a lovely experience and we all would like to thank Mr Curran and all the other teachers who supported us and made sure we were safe during the visit!

Mahnoor M (7V), Koyenum A (7T) and  Akshitha P (7W)