Year 9 Induction To The Careers Library

On Tuesday 19th November, Autumn Profiling Day, all the Year 9s had an exciting opportunity to learn more about different careers we may not have even heard of before, using books and websites on the computers from the school’s Careers Library. The Librarians created a fun quiz which allowed us to research and find out some different careers that we hadn’t looked into before. 

I was fortunate enough to have my answer sheet drawn out in the prize draw and I received a book called “What Colour is Your Parachute for Teens” which I think will be very interesting and helpful. (This book is also in the Careers Library.)  I found the National Careers Service website helpful as it had plenty of career choices for me to look through. I thought that this was a really useful session and has now helped me to start thinking about my future and it was especially useful as this will help us make informed decisions about our GCSE courses. I also know that the UNIFROG platform which we, in Year 9, have now been given access to, will be of great value too.

By Samridda (Year 9)