Year 8 and 9 Charity Week

This 2019, Year 8 and 9 Charity Week was a huge success! Year 8s and 9s worked together  to raise as much money in four days as possible. We managed to raise over £1000 for our chosen charity, which will really benefit our local community.

Choosing the charity to raise for was a hard choice. We wanted to preferably raise money for a local charity, and one that would benefit more from the money we would raise. We eventually came to the point where we had to choose between two charities: Plan International (an international charity that fundraises for children’s rights and gender equality) and the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading (which has huge waiting lines for the sick). It was an extremely hard choice, as both of the options would have used the money to help communities.

Eventually, through a vote, we chose to raise money for the Children and Babies in the Buscot ward at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, raising money for - you guessed it - children and newborn babies. This meant that the entire of the two year groups got a say in the deciding of our charity.

Throughout the week, we made baby boxes to donate to our chosen charities, which were donated alongside the money. We also got sponsored by our friends and family to do sporting activities. Again, we raised a lot through that.

We had many events planned throughout the week. On Monday, we had our first bake sale, organised by 8C and 9N. It was a delicious treat to help raise money! On Wednesday, we sold friendship bracelets and scrunchies, which was set up by 9A and 9L. Everyone sure had lots of fun and got their creativity caps on!

On Thursday, we had a book sale, by 8B. This was popular as usual, patronised by Kendrick bookworms! It was totally booked (sorry for the bad pun)! Our second bake sale was also on the same day, but was organised by 8F and 9L. This was also very popular.

We ended the week with a non-uniform day for Year 8s and 9s and with henna and nails, organised by 9N and 8B. Another creative and extremely popular choice.

A huge thank you to Miss Swaine who spent so much time on this, and the Charity Representatives, who helped to organise the events. Finally, a huge thank you to all of Year 8 and Year 9, who got involved in Charity Week.

Overall, this charity week was a great success, in both raising an incredible amount of money and also having lots of fun.  We can tell everyone else enjoyed it too!

By Arushi & Medha