Year 12 Oxford Material Science Trip

On April 17th, we were given the exciting opportunity to visit the University of Oxford, accompanied by Dr Smalley, and learn more about the Material Science course..

To start the day we were given a captivating lecture on ‘Atom Probe Tomography for 3D atomic-scale imaging of engineering materials’ which gave us an insight into this subject as well as the style of lectures at Oxford. Following the lecture, we were taken on a departmental tour to various labs and saw multiple electron microscopes, as well as the very first atom probe machine invented at Oxford University; we were then taken on a small college tour by an Oxford student and learnt more about the college lifestyle and teaching at Oxford. After lunch at Mansfield College we then visited more teaching labs and carried out some fascinating experiments ourselves, including making solar cells, and most excitingly using liquid nitrogen to test its effect on squash balls and its effect on a superconductor to levitate a magnet.

To end the eventful day, we were taken back to the Hume Rothery Lecture Theatre and given more detailed information about Material Science as a course and the application process at Oxford. Having gone on the trip with little idea of what Material Science was, we all agreed that we left Oxford with a clearer understanding of the subject and the importance of material engineers for the future. This trip had definitely opened our eyes to another potential career path.

Iman (12LH), Zubiya (12YLC) & Surabhi (12RB)