Year 8 Acts Of Kindness

Year 8 were given the task of creating Kendrick kindness tokens and if someone was kind they would receive a token from one of their peers.

Students created a range of tokens - colourful, small and big. 

Students were given two weeks to collect kindness tokens, where they could recognise how they were being kind as individual and how others were being kind. There was a range of kindness gestures from supporting someone who didn’t feel well, to lending a protractor, to helping someone with their homework or helping to organise a nice birthday for their friend.


All students received tokens from other students and some of the ‘top kindness earners’ received over 25 tokens.

Well done to Year 8 for embracing this ‘kindness experiment’ and I hope it reminds everyone that the little acts of kindness are important for us all and if we are kind to someone, this often has a ‘ripple’ effect.