CoppaFeel Visit Kendrick

During this week’s wellbeing session, Years 12 and 13 were given an engaging and informative presentation by Helen, from the charity CoppaFeel!, filled with tips on looking out for our health and some serious facts and statistics about cancer.

The assembly started with Helen from CoppaFeel telling us a little bit about her own story as a cancer survivor- and how watching an inspirational documentary by the founder of CoppaFeel! (Kris Hallenga) was what allowed her to diagnose and treat her cancer in its early stages. She also shared key facts about how we could look out for our health- checking for signs monthly and looking into anything that seems out of the ordinary.

 We were then introduced to the “Boobettes”: a group of admirable women who were diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 35- who now volunteer their time to present informative assemblies and run incredible events to increase awareness of the importance of checking our bodies for any abnormalities.

At a time where we’re so busy with school, friends and endless extracurriculars, this assembly was an excellent reminder to all of us to look out for ourselves and our health. It’s safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed the session (and the giant prop Helen kindly let us take photos with) and are very grateful that Helen came in to share her story with us.

For more information about CoppaFeel!, please visit their website