Winning Sociology Essay

Recently, I entered an essay competition run by the British Sociology Association, with the question being: 'How can sociology contribute to our understanding of Brexit?'.  And... I WON!!! In light of this, I will be rewarded with an Ipad Mini and £500 to be given to the school.

I want to expand my critical thinking beyond the syllabus and classroom - apply it to current events and everyday experiences.  As I said in my essay (see attachment), 'Brexit teaches sociologists that British democracy will not survive unless it is embedded into an ecosystem of diverse and trustworthy media'.  Nevertheless, we live in such an elaborate time - destructive ideologies are glamorised into marketable forums that amplify a voice that calls for immediate collective action. Thus, it becomes our prerogative, as academics, to sustain, develop and expand our critical ability to all aspects. 

Napoleon, Hitler... Auschwitz - history teaches us the transformative impact of a single ideology - and it all begins with one person. Ask yourself, what influences your thoughts the most? To know more about how social media, specifically, can nurture such extreme behaviour, please read my essay. If not, then just take one thing... 'it is not our task to complain or condone but to understand' - communicate, be critical!!!

Georgia, Year 12