Kendrick School Closed

The government announcement regarding the closure of schools was widely anticipated and staff at Kendrick School have been preparing for this eventuality for some time.

From Monday 23rd March and for the foreseeable future, Kendrick School will be closed and students are expected to study from home and work will be provided by their teachers electronically, although learning will not be expected to be done exclusively on the computer.

Until we get more detailed guidance from the government about how qualifications will be acknowledged, we will continue to work with Years 11 and 13 to complete their courses. I appreciate how unsettling the news about the examinations must be for these students and their families, but I would like reassure you that as a school we will do everything we can do to support the students through the next few months.

We are in the process of developing a plan of how we will communicate with you and the students regularly over the next few months and how we will support vulnerable students and children of parents who are key workers.

All queries should be sent to

These are unprecedented times. Please be patient with us and each other whilst we wait for further guidance which will enable us to develop our plans for the next few months.

Ms Christine Kattirtzi