Kendrick School Presents...Online Performer Series 1

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to record themselves and send in their performances for this Online Performer Series. We have been overwhelmed by the initial response to our call for videos for our first ever online concert and will therefore be putting our other entries into a series of future online concerts for you all to enjoy.

With everything that has been happening in recent months, we understand that people have been expressing themselves in different ways and finding solace in things like art, dance, poetry and drama. We are therefore expanding out these concerts and asking for further entries, not just of musical performances, but any art work you’d like to share, dance routines you’ve been working on, poetry you’ve written or short dramatic works.

If you would like to send something in (even if you already have), then please send a video, audio recording or picture of what you’ve done to Mrs Cooper by Wednesday 17th June. This is open to all students and staff, and we would like to have as many people from different year groups/staff areas as possible, so please do get involved if you can.

Mrs Cooper

This video is less than 30 minutes and can be enjoyed at a lunch time, in the evening, or whenever you’d like.