Pebbles For Pride

In order to celebrate Pride month the KSLT proposed the project, ‘Pebbles for Pride’, which consisted of each person finding a stone or pebble, painting a design on said pebble, with the theme of Pride in mind, and placing this out in the wilderness! We intended for this to be both a fun activity and a way to show support for the LGBTQ+ community from wherever we are located. Images of these pebbles were posted to the Kendrick Arts Instagram account, which can be found through this link, which means solidarity for LGBTQ+ individuals was both portrayed online, as well as in the outside world.

This project was put forward after the KSLT released a presentation created by members of our Pride Society, so these pebbles were created with an informed stance on LGBTQ+ history and experiences. The presentation can be found on the Kendrick Instagram account here

Here are some amazing entries we received: