Sports Day 2020

On Monday 13th July, we celebrated our first ever virtual sports day.  The day began with a live stream of a workout led by Ms Watkins,  Mrs Lace and some staff on the front lawn.  They were joined by other members of staff and students who tuned in remotely.  After a good HIT session, everyone was then invited to complete a challenge to accumulate as many miles as possible for their house.  

This involved going for a walk, run, cycle, swim or any other activity that could be done with family members, friends or by themselves.   Distances had to be recorded and shared on a spreadsheet so that the number of miles could be calculated and the winning house worked out.  

The results also included a Key Stage 3 challenge where students were asked to complete four activities that included Standing Long Jump, Standing High Jump, Ball throw and Co-ordination.

The overall winners were Palmer, followed by Sidmouth and Cedars.  Year 7 were the winners in a Year group breakdown.  

There were some fantastic individual student and staff performances for each house.


Student: Samragee Dey - running 10 miles

Staff: Mrs Dunlop - walking 4 miles


Student: Emma Piai – running 10.3 miles

Staff: Mrs Trust – running 11 miles


Student: Daisy Morgan – running 11 miles

Staff: Mrs Haldane – running 5.8 miles

Thank you to everyone who participated!