Salters Festival of Chemistry

On the 9th May we went to the Salters Festival of Chemistry where we took part in challenges and watched some very interesting experiments. It was a very interesting experience and we are very happy that we were chosen to do it.

We arrived at Reading University bright and early and we were directed by some students to our lab and then we were taken to a lecture hall where we were told about the time table for the day. First of all we had a very mysterious challenge... The centenary trophy had gone missing and using all evidence we had and our problem solving skills we had to find out who stole it. It included chromatography and other experimental skills we had learnt in our science lessons. This was rather easy, but we were unsure about some results and in the end we completed the challenge with all questions answered.

Then, after lunch, there was the next challenge which we found very difficult. We had to create a 1 min timer using 3 substances given to us. This was very hard and it took a lot of trial and error, but in the end, our time when our student helper timed it was 56 seconds, this was very close but we didn’t know if it was close enough.

After the two challenges we got to sit down and enjoy a very interesting demonstration. The theme was fireworks, so colour, light and loud bang were needed. All of which was there and made it very interesting. There were some messy parts, interactive parts and some almost scary parts to it and it was definitely very interesting and entertaining.

Last but not least was the prize giving. There were 3 things that prizes could be won for: a crossword that was given to us for a bit of fun with some science related questions, some of which were very hard! Then there was the other two challenges. We weren’t expecting any prizes, but surprisingly we came 1st in the 1 min timer challenge, it’s funny that the one we found hardest was the one we got a prize for! We were very proud as we had worked very hard and it clearly paid off.

The whole day was an excellent experience and we really enjoyed every part of it. The challenges were hard but very fun and we really loved the whole University atmosphere!

By Jessica 8A, Rebecca 8N, Basmala 8A, Megan 8L