Music In Lockdown

I am sure many students are looking forward to seeing their friends and getting back to some sense of normality when they return to school next week, but we in the Music Department thought this recording was well worth sharing with the whole school, demonstrating just how wonderful and adaptable our students have been during lockdown.

In Year 9, students were tasked with composing their own pop songs from scratch in groups of five or six. Following the guidance of their teachers, they had to write their own lyrics on a topic of their choice, compose a melody and accompanying chords, as well as add in additional layers for different parts of their song. Doing this is any 'normal' year is difficult enough, but remote learning has provided extra challenges as you can imagine. 

This group of Miloni, Moksha, Mukta, Zunairah, Ananya and Amelie, rose to this challenge and worked together exceptionally well to create this song, 'Can You Keep My Secret?' 



which makes use of a beautiful melody, effective accompanying parts and an engaging guitar solo. We think this work is worth celebrating and is but one example of what all students have shown they are capable of in their varying subjects. Well done!

Mrs Cooper, Ms Rohweder and Miss Lawlor
Music Department