Bursaries and Grants 2021

Kendrick students are fortunate to be able to access awards and bursaries from a variety of individuals and bodies.  These people give funds to the school annually for students to be able to pursue courses, trips and other educationally enriching experiences. Amongst the many opportunities students have accessed through these awards and bursaries are music tuition, attended advanced baking courses, attended a PreMedicine course event at a prospective University and travelled to the Grand Canyon to learn more about Geology.

The Valerie Hulme Bursary award is to pursue an activity that is constructive, useful, supporting an academic interest or vocational development in the area of Arts, Science, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics or a  practical discipline.  It needs to be equivalent to that which at a later stage in life might be defined as:

‘Enhancing to professional development, being relevant to the acquisition of particular skill or knowledge, helpful to the individual either to make better academic choices (* Y11) or to reinforce those made (*Y13).’

The two Kendrick Trust Grants are, the Kendrick Trust Edmonstone Bequest Travel Scholarships to help students with travel costs for educational travel and voluntary / charity work at home and abroad; and the  Kendrick Trust MM Towne Memorial Music & Arts Grants is towards the cost of travel, course fees, the costs of participating in musical tours, events and festivals, etc., to current students who may be studying Music, Drama, Dance, etc.   

The Kendrick School Music Bursary award is about developing musical skills to lead to increased well-being.

The Kendrick School STEM Bursary award is to encourage girls/women into STEM so that we can begin to improve the imbalance that exists in the Tech industry between men and women to achieve a better representation of women in the future workforce.

This year's awards are now open to applications.  Details of how to apply and the closing dates for applications are in the presentation below.  Additional information about bursaries and grants is available here.