Year 7 Wilderness Activity Day

The Wilderness Personal Development activity day was a really fun event that I very much enjoyed. As well as being nice because it was a break from normal lessons, everyone learnt a lot more about themselves, as well as other people. 

We had multiple activities throughout the day that tested our teamwork skills and allowed us to have a great time. One activity was called ‘Abyss’ where we had to cross the ‘Abyss’ on tiles. Our team had to plan a way for us all to cross to the other side on the tiles that had to have human contact at all times. Challenges like this tested our thinking, teamwork and communication skills. 

Our teams were also a mixture of form groups. This gave us a chance to meet new people and make new friends that we had to trust and listen to, otherwise we would not have been able to complete any of the activities and get the crucial rocket parts. The end of the day was very fun because each group launched the rockets they had built and performed their made up dances and songs! 

One person in my class described the day as “a great way to build our confidence” and said “It was really nice getting to know everyone in other forms, and testing our teamwork skills together.” Someone else said “The wilderness activity was the besttt!!!!”

Overall, the day was very fun and exciting, and it really exceeded all of my expectations. I and pretty much everyone else learnt many things. However, the biggest skill we learnt was teamwork, something crucial to everything we did on that day and something we can use in the future. Thank you so much to all the teachers and instructors that came in for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity! 

By Freya A (7MAH)

Year 7 Wilderness Activity Photos