Reflections on a Decade: An Anthology of Ideas

Last year saw the beginning of a new decade and an opportunity to reflect on the past and form new visions of our future.  The last decade, and now including 2020, has seen remarkable national and international events that changed the landscape of the world:

  • Social media skyrocketed in its influence.
  • Climate change continues
  • And with COVID: one of the most significant social, political and scientific challenges in more than a generation.

But what does the future hold? Where are we at now, how has the last decade contributed to that and where we should go from here?   The brainchild of Mr Nemeth, Head of Religious Studies and Sociology, the essence of the anthology was to consolidate student and staff reflections on the last decade in relation to a wide range of social, political, scientific and ethical issues.

Thanks to great contributions from the talented students and staff of Kendrick, their reflections on the last decade and hopes for the decades to come has culminated in ‘An Anthology of Ideas’, published below.