White House Tokens

Kendrick School Leaders have the privilege of being able to award students a white house token.  Students can receive a token which goes towards their house points if they meet with the carefully considered criteria as set out below. School leaders are eagerly looking forward to awarding these.

House Tokens Criteria

Curriculum and Current Affairs

  • Active involvement in extracurriculars
  • Going above and beyond the curriculum in academic and non-academic endeavours
  • Engagement with our presentation of current affairs and any further exploration of your passions

Student Welfare

  • A noticed improvement in mindset/having a growth mindset
  • Particularly supporting other students' wellbeing
  • Conscientious attitude to new students and integrating them into Kendrick life


  • Undertaking volunteering opportunities such as the Refugee homework club
  • Contributing to cohesive community life at Kendrick through leadership roles
  • Building community spirit across staff and students through doing small great things


  • Encouraging participation (e.g. bring friends to events)
  • Dedication (i.e. come to every rehearsal, participate in LOTS of events)
  • Trying something new and expanding your horizons
  • Interacting with a variety of age groups in your House