Year 7 House Chess 2021

We had our very first live house event of the school year on Wednesday: Year 7 House Chess. 52 enthusiastic Year 7 students attended and played matches between different houses, and all received house points for participation. The winning house was…. Sidmouth with 10 wins and 4 points from draws! This was closely followed by Cedars with 10 wins and 2.5 points from draws, with Palmer not far behind with 6 wins and 3.5 points from draws. These house points will all contribute to the house cup.

Some students in each house did particularly well: Joanne in Sidmouth, Netraa in Cedars and Eleanor and Nivi in Palmer. Thank you to Mrs Conlon and the student and staff house leaders for organising and running the event, and we look forward to the competition for other year groups soon.

Photos from the event can be viewed here