Last Friday students were asked to wear something yellow today, a small gesture to celebrate the little things we can do to look after ourselves and support each other.

This was to celebrate #HelloYellow Day an initiative of charity YoungMinds to acknowledge that young people have experienced difficult times through the pandemic, but through support and kindness of everyone, they can be made to feel better and help others feel better too.

Various activities took place in the lead up to this day - little things that we can do to support our, and each other’s mental health such as:

  • Breathing activities
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Thinking about focussing on the positives
  • Identifying our (and each other’s) strengths

Students were encouraged to complete a five-step Kindness Challenge:

  1. Say something kind to a teacher
  2. Smile at a friend
  3. Remind someone of a nice thing they did for you
  4. Ask someone if they need help
  5. Make someone laugh

A contribution of £2 for the YoungMinds charity is requested to support this event. A link to donate is here.